Natural History at Britta Rettberg Galerie

Room 1

Hard cases, Skin off a grape, Like the others only more so, Fond of strangers, Amateur detective (2021)

inkjet prints, photo-album adhesive backing board, PVA, acrylic medium, documents


Honey Ant (2021)

PVC, cotton, wadding, paint, silicone, cardboard, wood, rubberised grip paint, nuts, washers, threaded rod

Room 2

Plot of Land (2021)

Moisture resistant MDF panels, acrylic medium, water-based lubricant

Room 3

If you cannot keep a rhythm how will you know when you're next fed? (2019)

Room 4

Donna, Nancy, Pattie, Sandy, Donna, Lucille (2021)

carbon stick on paper


Maintenance 01, 02, 03 (2018) 

patinated bronze, zinc coated steel bolts


Designations (2021)

text for web and for print on waterproof map paper

All photos by Dirk Tacke